Pixelated Hair

February 2, 2015 @ DesignTaxi

pixelated hair

X-pression hair salon in Madrid introduces an interesting approach to hair coloring that results in hair that appear to have ‘pixels’ of color. See more pics at Design Taxi


Xamaleón Ice-Cream

October 2, 2014 @ Engadget

xamaleon-blue ice-cream-color

Spanish physicist Manuel Linares created an ice cream that changes colors when you lick it. He calls it the Xamaleón, a play on the Spanish word for chameleon, and it originally starts as a periwinkle blue frozen treat until it’s spritzed with Linares’ “love elixir,” a super secret mixture he concocted himself. This mixture reacts to changes in temperature and saliva, causing the tutti-frutti-flavored ice cream to turn into purple, then into pink as you lick.

Yellow Solar Tulip

November 11, 2013 @ Inhabitat

Clean tech company AROA recently installed their second energy-generating Solar Tulip power tower in Spain, and the soaring flower-shaped power plant just went online this week. The beauty of the system stems beyond the elegant solar energy capturing tower – the system is designed to be modular, unlike any other concentrated solar power (CSP) electrical generator out there. The system also uses much less water than steam solar generators, enabling it to conserve precious resources on its hot desert site.