L’AQUILA Auditorium ~ Renzo Piano

September 12, 2014 @ PlasconTrends


In the immediate aftermath of an earthquake, he called for a solution to create a space dedicated to music so as to recover the intense musical activity that has always characterized the city. Piano (the architect) defines this auditorium as “ephemeral architecture”, made of wood and not of stone and therefore capable of being dismantled in the future.

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Coca-Cola “Fan Man”

14 June, 2010 @ Dillinger Magazine

Developed for Coca-Cola by Porky Hefer of Animal Farm, the “Fan Man” is an innovative sculpture that is made entirely with 2,500 used Coca-Cola crates. Looking like a Lego statue, this massive Coke Man weighs 25 tones and stands 16.5 meter tall. Placed in the Fan Park, Johannesburg, the sculpture apart from being a creative piece of art also helps in sustaining the environment by recycling old Coke crates.

Cratefan is a recycling initiative, created using a skeleton of scaffolding clad.

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