Darah Putih

January 2, 2015 @ MoC

“Darah putih” (lit. “white blood”). A Malay of noble ancestry, his/her blood is white, not blue. This idiom may be linked to the tragic legendary Princess Mahsuri of Langkawi Island. Accused of adultery by her jealous mother-in-law, Mahsuri was executed by a dagger. It is said that white blood flowed out as a proof of her innocence. Sultan Alaudin Riayat Shah 1 who ruled Malacca was said to be related to Mahsuri. After his death, he came to be known as Marhum Berdarah Putih.

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Shooting Colors in Malaysia

December 25, 2014 @ MoC

Hi ! We are here in Kuala Lumpur for few weeks (Dec 2014-January 2015), shooting colors and hunting Malay words for our ColorCorpus project. The Textile Museum in Merdeka square is awesome, must visit, the art galleries and the museums are great, must visit as well. KL is pretty colorful and definitely worth exploring; an easy-going and friendly city it is. We had good fun all our days here.