How to Make Ejaculation More White

May 17, 2015 @ TokyoReporter

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Tiled air raid shelter in Aichi hailed as work of art

February 14, 2015 @ JapanTimes


A private World War II air raid shelter exquisitely lined with colorful tiles has recently been opened to the public in Handa, Aichi Prefecture.

The work of a young tile tradesman facing military conscription, the room is attracting acclaim from historians as unique in cultural value.

Built in the basement of a storehouse owned by house renovator Yoshinoya, it can only be accessed via a special door.

At 2 meters by 3 meters in area and 2 meters high, the shelter can squeeze in 10 adults. The interior is covered with 2-cm square tiles in light pink, green and white.

The shelter was built in 1944 by Yasunori Kato, father of the current Yoshinoya president, 59-year-old Hiroyasu Kato.

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Second Impact Bathwater

March 12, 2015 @ RocketNews24


… Even the sea has a surreal hue in the anime, as the cataclysmic events that precede its first episode have turned the waters of Earth’s oceans blood-red. But while the effect is striking enough that it’s hard to take your eyes off it, it turns out filling your bathtub up with one kind of Evangelion bath salts water doesn’t make it a particularly tempting place to take a soak…

According to the Evangelion Store website, the bath salts will make it feel “just like you’re floating in the red sea” of the anime.

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Neko no UV Osamp Higasa (Cat Stroll UV Parasol)

December 18, 2014 @ RocketNews24

There’s now a cute new way to remedy this, though, with a parasol that uses cat paws to tell you how strong the UV rays are. The umbrella is made with a specially coated fabric that’s durable enough to be used in the rain as well, and provides a deep enough shade that on a sunny day it’s been tested to be 13 degrees Celsius cooler under the umbrella than outside it.


To help gauge the situation, the paw marks printed on the umbrella change color in response to the strength of the UV rays striking it. As the sunlight gets harsher, the color of the paws deepens, going from white to pink. cu-2

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