Red Rain

September 9, 2014 @ ScoopWhoop


Apart from its delectable coastal curry, Idduki, Kerala, is also known for a strange phenomenon called ‘Red Rain’. The first incident of Red Rain was recorded as early as 1818. Ever since, Idukki has witness this unusual sight intermittently. Idukki has been classified a ‘Red Region’. In Hinduism, red rain is the wrath of the Gods, punishing sinners. It signals a wave of destruction and woe. Some believe the killing of innocents leads to red rain. Scientists are yet to come up with an explanation.

Sanjay Garg ~ Autumn/Winter 2014

August 23, 2014 @ VogueIndia


Garg relied on the natural warp and weft of textiles to send out a line of solid-hued dresses, tunics, cigarette pants, full-skirted frocks, quilted jackets and floor-length dresses and lehengas with pockets in a palette of ivory, peach, navy, green and rani pink. (Excluding red was a conscious decision—to stay from an “obvious colour.”)

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Color Psychology: The Emotional Effect of Colors ~ Pijush Kanti Bera

April 13, 2014 @ TheHindu

“The colour of psychology is based on the mental and emotional effects colours have on sighted people in all facets of life,” says the artist who holds a masters degree in visual arts from Ambedkar University Agra.

Depicting the moods of an individual through his paintings, the artist has tried to explore the effects of colours on human psychology. The metro city culture, where one has everything except time, has been beautifully depicted through the variations of colour.

“While painting realistic images I use colours which do not go according with reality. My colour patches reveal a separate environment of dedication towards reality,” says the artist.

Piyush Kanti Bera