Harma(a), Rød & Red

April 13, 2014 @ MoC

For a Greek lady it is a flattering if you say, “You look HARMA!” for /h:arma/ in Greek means “fine”, “great”. Greeks also say, “HARMA ofthalmon[=eyes]”, equivalent to the English “A feast for the eyes”. However, /harma/ wouldn’t be so flattering for a Finnish lady, for HARMAA in Finnish means GRAY.
And one more thing, if you ever find yourself in Denmark, watch out, RED is the “road” and/or “roadstead”, not the color red; the RED COLOR in Danish is “rød”.


Olafur Eliasson – Your Rainbow Panorama

May 2011 @ Designboom and Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson’s highly anticipated new installation ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’ is now complete. Set to open on May 28th, the permanent elevated structure provides a 360º view of the city of Århus, Denmark. Suspended between the city and the sky, the viewing platform insists on the sensory engagement of those who enter it.
As designboom previously reported here and here, the continuously circular pathway sits on top of and proportionality compliments the ARoS museum of Art, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen in 2007. Measuring 150 meters around, the transparent glass unit is designed to act as a visual compass for the city, its colors marking the physical location of each visitor.

Representing every color in the spectrum, the design looks to enter into a cohesive dialogue between the exiting architecture and the surrounding city. Virtually erasing the boundaries between indoors and out, the encompassing environment aims to question the comfortable limits for which people are accustomed to moving.

Enveloped in the rainbow-like atmosphere, the user produces afterimages in hues complimentary to the colors that surround them, altering and defining the perception of the city that lies below.