Fat Monkey – Florentijn Hofman

11/08/10 by Diane Pham @ Inhabitat

More pics @ Florentijn Hofman

Fat Monkey (Macaco Gordo)
Sao Paulo 2010
5 x 4 x 15 meters
Inflatable and flip flops

The Fat Monkey is a site specific work which was created out of the question from the Pixelshow to make a sculpture during their conference in 2010. Made with the help of local students and made from the brazilian icon; the flip flop which obviously works as one of the 10.000 pixels. The fat monkey is a work in the series Obeastitas.

Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms rediscovered after 170 years

July 10, 2011 by Alasdair Wilkins @ io9

In 1840, English botanist George Gardner was traveling in Brazil. One night, he noticed some boys playing with a strange, glowing object. To his shock, he had encountered a bioluminescent mushroom. It’s only taken 170 years to find some more. Neonothopanus gardneri – which is named after its discoverer, although it was originally misclassified as Agaricus gardneri back in the 1840s – isn’t the only mushroom that glows in the dark. But it has proven the most fiendishly difficult to find┬á […]

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