Issue 08

issue 8

Issue 8

February – July 2015

Dioscorea alata – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Newest, Boldest Hair Coloring Technique: Pixelated Hair –
Remember Red Pistachios? Here’s What Happened To Them
Ang Alamat ng Bahaghari (The Legend of the Rainbow) on Behance
Philippine indigo, Indigofera Tinctoria, Natural Dyes, Philippine Natural Dyes, Natural Dye Industry
Tiled air raid shelter in Aichi hailed as work of art | The Japan Times
Art Director Creates Gorgeous Color Palettes Inspired By The Streets Of NYC –
Pick the Right Color for Design or Decorating with This Color Psychology Chart
Dyeing | 染の里|二葉苑
A Pigment Library That Launched American Art Conservation
No One Lived In This House Since 1956. When He Moved Inside? UNBELIEVABLE –
Designers Fashion Brightly Colored Clothing Out of Crayola Crayons for Unique Bloomingdales Window Display
See large image and price images/video | Robert Harding Preview Page
Beautifully Composed Photos Reveal Istanbul’s Incredibly Colorful Architecture –
What is blue and how do we see color? – Business Insider
A Scientist Accidentally Developed Sunglasses That Could Correct Color Blindness | Innovation | Smithsonian
Retinitis pigmentosa – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Paint Ads Use Color Swatches To Poke Fun At Famous Personalities –
Minimalist Posters Represent Studio Ghibli Films With Their Iconic Colors –
Official Evangelion bath salts are just as crazy and mentally scarring as the anime itself | RocketNews24
Tanzanian Police Arrested 200 Witchdoctors Linked to Albino Murders and Kidnappings — The Atlantic
Two Bright Pink Chickens Rescued on the Waterfront in Portland, Oregon
Australian Artist Covers Stones in Vibrantly Colored Dots to Create Beautiful Mandala Stones
100 colors lab by emmanuelle moureaux—selection
The Psychology Of Color, Summed Up In A Box Of Pencils | Co.Design | business + design
Tate Britain Commission 2015: Christina Mackie | Tate
Hypnotizing Mandala Cakes Made Of Raw Vegan Ingredients | Bored Panda
How to Paint an Ombré Wall for Free Using Paint Chips
Natural dyes: their history and how to make them
DIY C o l o u r R e c i p e B o o k – LAURA DAZA
Colour Provenance – DIY Colour Recipe Book | Indiegogo
The Most Wildly Colorful Buildings in the World : Architectural Digest
The Fascinating Origins of 10 Everyday Color Words | Mental Floss
Fair Isle (technique) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tsutsugaki – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Η Κλωστουφαντουργία στη Μακεδονία – Ύλες
Μόνιμες Θεματικές Παρουσιάσεις | Μουσείο Ακρόπολης
Traditional dyes of the Scottish Highlands – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
24 Carrot Cake
Poppies, pot and flying saucers: A short intro to the fashion of Nudie Cohn, country music clothier | Dangerous Minds
Photographic Portraits of Famous Artist’s Paint Palettes by Matthias Schaller | Colossal
Lipstick Shades To Wear To Your Next Job Interview | The Zoe Report
Film documents the troubled lives of Japan’s male porn stars | The Tokyo Reporter – Tabloid news, features and photography
Artist Matches His Instagram Photos To The Colors In The PANTONE Swatch Book –
Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo
A Technicolor Swimming Pool Painted by HOTTEA on New York’s Roosevelt Island | Colossal
What A Tree Sounds Like When Played On A Record Player | Spirit Science
(May 28, 2015) The Philosophy of Color Perception | Does Color Even Exist?
Beautiful “Blue Chocolate of Happiness” turned into ice cream, available by advance order only! | RocketNews24
(May 27, 2015) Ο ομηρικός «οίνοψ πόντος»: τα χρώματα στους αρχαίους | ΕΝΘΕΜΑΤΑ
(May 31, 2017) Why White Space Is Crucial To UX Design | Co.Design | business + design
Japanese sweets lovers soon to be in their Blue Heaven with Beautiful Aqua Color Rramune Dorayaki
A Beautiful, Romantic Short Film About Making Ink In Every PANTONE Shade –
How Ink Is Made
The Printing Ink Company, Rycoline Inc. Canada: Printing Ink
DayGlo – DayGlo
Pantone – Icon Magazine
The Vocabularist: Ransom, red lines and coalitions – BBC News
(June 5, 2015) Η ινδική πόλη με την παράξενη αρχιτεκτονική | SNOOPIT24
(June 8, 2015) A Revolutionary Electronic Marker That Offers Designers Endless Color
Options –

(June 17, 2015) “Sand Art Hair”

IN PHOTOS: The life of White Russian refugees in PH

Color You Remember Seeing Isn’t What You Saw – Scientific American
Taiwan’s watermelon bread will delight your senses, confuse your tastebuds | RocketNews24
(July 3, 2015) Robin Williams forever memorialized with a rainbow tunnel in his name | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
The Color Palettes Of The ‘Most Beautiful’ Websites On The Internet –
Little Indigo Museum – Picture showing indigo dye workshop in Japan 17C.
Design jargon explained: 6 colour schemes | Web design | Creative Bloq
How the Emotional Power of Color Can Tap into Your Audiences’ Brains | Social Media Today
A Renowned Psychologist Says There Are 4 Personality Types Based On 4 Colors. Which Are You? | Curious Facts
‘Colors of World Flags’, An Art Print Organizing 272 Different World Flags by Color Combinations
modify the color layout of your sneakers with shift concept by rehabstudio
World’s First Amethyst Crystal Hotel Being Built in China | Spirit Science and Metaphysics
‘Dark Is Beautiful’ Campaign Questions India’s Skin Colour Prejudices · Global Voices
(July 10, 2015) Marigolds Pour Out of a Giant Orange Paint Tube in Visually Playful Installation – My Modern Met
(July 18, 2015) 5 Unique Soft Serve Flavors of Japan | Only in Japan
Scotland to wear tartan and pink kits for World Cup qualifiers – The Scotsman

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