“The Science of Style: In Fashion, Colors Should Match Only Moderately “

July 22, 2014 @ PlosOne

[ Copyright: © 2014 Kurt Gray et al. ]

Every day, people ask themselves the question: “What to wear?” People want outfits that are maximally fashionable, and this isn’t mere vanity: clothing influences perceived and signaled social identity, employment outcomes, romantic success, and even cognitive processes. Despite its universal human importance and vast financial worth–the fashion industry is valued at $1.7 trillion (more than double the entire U.S. federal science budget) –there is little empirical psychological research on the objective features which make something fashionable. In this study, we provide an empirical approach to fashionableness, through judgments of color combinations. We uncover practical implications for daily life, and in doing so speak to a broader theory in aesthetics and human preferences–the Goldilocks Principle.



Read the whole article @ PlosOne




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