Woman in Black

July 29, 2014 @ Examiner


Dressed in a flowing black dress and wearing a long black head covering, the woman has been seen in walking along a route that’s spanned 500 miles since July 18, from Ranger, Georgia to Athens, Ohio.

She carries a tall black walking-stick and a black bag and she speaks very few words to those who happen upon the “woman in black.” When asked who she is she has told some reporters out of Tennessee that she is from an Islamic nation and worked at the Pentagon, but that was soon found out not to be true.

The woman rarely speaks, leading many to surmise that she is on some type of a religious mission, but it appears only this woman knows the true meaning behind her trek.

She is a mother of two from Motts, Alabama. She lost her husband and her father a year apart and has been overcome by grief since that time. Her husband died in 2008 and her father died a year later.

Raymond calls his sister a “loving, kind-hearted woman.” He also wishes she would let the family help her and would love to see her come back home. Elizabeth appears in the video above, taken when she came through one of many towns on her trek to seemingly nowhere.

A Facebook page, Where is the Woman in Black, has been created and it has almost 25,000 likes as of July 29. The page reminds people to be kind to this woman, offer her something to drink or a meal. They suggest to help her if you feel she needs something.


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