When Chögyam Trungpa met Gerald Red Elk

March 20, 2014 @ ChronicleProject

When Chögyam Trungpa arrived, Gerald Red Elk stood up and the rest of the party followed suit. After I made the introductions, Gerald Red Elk presented some gifts to Chögyam Trungpa, who was seated. He unfolded some gems: a turquoise stone, which he said represented the nature of the universe; a red stone, which he said represented the nature of the gods; a green stone, representing earth; and a purple stone, representing medicine.

[…] God’s main color is royal blue, like the sky. He owns the universe. Everything we do and get, he allows. His color is royal blue. Sun is red and gold for the East. The deity in the South is red. In the West, it is half navy blue and half black — Thunderbird people. North is wisdom, white. Prayer flags have seven colors, green is the earth and purple is medicine — from medicine plants comes purple juice. Put prayer flags on hills and tie to trees. Use tobacco and feathers and the incense of sweet grass, sweet sage, sweet pine, sweet cedar and juniper. We purify on the same order as Buddhists who paint their gods blue. It all coincides. I came four years ago, but couldn’t get to you.


Read the whole story of the meeting @ ChronicleProject




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