Sea and Butterfly Color Essences

May 31, 2014 @ Eric’sEssences & MoC



Butterfly Essences
The Butterfly Essences represent the possibility of a new consciousness emerging. Their operation help expand the deeper aspects of our Being to develop our potential. 

Every essence resonates with a specific species of butterflies from which also takes its name.

Butterflies are brightly colorful messangers of our emotional being. Like the flowers, the gems, the sea beings and many more which incarnate subtle energies, so do the butterflies. All matter is light vibrating on different frequencies.

USAGE: They are particularly effective when applied directly on the skin on chakra points or when added in the bath, sprayed around a space, added in oils, creams and lotions. Also they broadcast when we place few drops on crystals. We can generally use them in many many ways.

There are 3 Groups of Butterfly Essences (2×28); a total of 84 essences.

Group 1 Butterfly Essences are light frequencies able to modulate and effect our psyche. This means they are tools of light able to bring about transformation and well-being in many aspects of our spiritual Being. They are offered this time for more growth and experience. Many people feel “at home” with these essences in a very deep way. They invite spiritual states of well-being. They are very subtle and “focused” tools for the deeper processes of consciousness and evolution. 

Mio Pea (Deep Purple/ Magenta), Wio Lio (Red), Peo Tio (Orange), Via Sio (Gold), Mea Kio (Coral), Hea Hio (Rose Pink), Wio Rea (Pink), Gio Kia (Pale Pink), Fia Dio (Yellow), Deo Ria (Pale Yellow), Jio Hea (Lemon Yellow), Lua Kou(Olive Green), Vio Tea (Green), Lia Deo (Pale Green), Nio Kia(Emerald Green), Mia Goa (Tirqoise), Eoa Ora (Pale Tirqoise), Kio Koa (Blue), Lia Mio (Pale Blue), Ria Sea (Royal Blue), Lio Meo (Indigo), Lia Dio (Violet), Quo Dia (Pale Violet), Kia Kei (Purple),Mia Kio (Lilac), Kio Nia (Magenta), Sio Soa (Silver), Rainbow Angel Butterflies (Rainbow).

Group 2 Butterfly Essences consist the middle level of Solar Colors and represent the colors that work with our consciousness on the level and causal level of our Being. They have the potential to transform our thoughts and our will power elevating our “conscious self” during this whole process.

These essences give us the opportunity to grow in a new world of exciting possibilities and countless potentialities for conscious growth. Old mental habits that kept us back are now transformed into new positive drives for real growth and beauty.

Group 2 Butterfly Essences are the keys to a new world that has the potential to correct the mistakes and the diseases of past lives, in an amazing natural way. Their great potential can help us emotionally to overcome difficult situations of our nature. They help the “mind” to recur in its natural resonance and ideal function and work with the “will” to improve our motive, self-expression and communication. They are substantial and truly useful tools.

This group of Butterfly Essences is differentiated by it special effects rather than the uniformity of its color scale (as are Group 1 and 3) – therefore it includes other colors and hues.

Sinninia Rommala (Pale Greenish Yellow), Sissinka Soseino (Silver), Tiyan Riyalla (Lilac), Mikia Kilhima (Pale Tirqoise), Rialiki Ninila (Blue),Tikia Solaria (Deep Indigo), Winia Ririaka (Deep Coral), Sinhema Takia (Rose Pink), Isiaki Rillika (Pale Olive), Rillenka Mamakia (Pale Indigo), Winnolia Vinmala (Pink), Sisia Kikala (Deep Blue Violet), Vivia Lasaya (Deep Yellow Gold), Ristiya Tashisi (Deep Royal Blue), Sasia Shalanka (Pale Goldish Red), Xifia Kirrana (Deep Mid Blue), Wiaka Sossinka (Gold Coral), Yoninia Tirika(Deep Azure Blue), Tulka Zennekia (Pale Lemon Yellow), VoniaYinnoka (Deep Emerald Green), Ishiani Rolia (Pink Violet), Positha Tisika (Deep Mid Tirqoise), Timika Sommolia (Green), Mimika Sommala (Mid Azure Blue), Reloa Hikimia (Gold), Cegia Giakala(Aquamarina), Kimia Kelhira (Mid Indigo), Nikia Goagada (Magenta)

Group 3 Butterfly Essences includes the denser of the three octaves of Solar Colors. They represent the colors that effect on our astral and emotional bodies. They are light frequencies that effect our creative energies and feelings.

This is the first range of Butterfly Essences to be created and it’s been available the past few years. They particularly effect our relationships, as they work with our emotions, so therefore they are particularly involved with our “interrelationship with others”. This is opposite to Group 1 & 2 which relate with issues of personal growth. For this reason, the Group 3 Butterfly Essences combine very well with the Sea Essences which also focus on relationships. These essences are excellent boosters for various kinds of creative activity.

Xifa Vissilion (Deep Purple/ Magenta), Rono Simmaron (Red), Nola Marillion (Orange), Simi Parillion (Gold), Kana Yinarron (Coral), Suma Mimarillion (Yellow), Kimi Pinirion (Pale Yellow), Timi Mokariron(Rose Pink), Kaya Ninilion (Pink), Tema Visiron (Pale Pink), Solo Tisillion (Lemon), Wima Pilliron (Olive), Yisa Summaron (Green), Sola Vikerlion (Pale Green), Wira Tentaron (Emerald Green), Tira Winirion (Tirqoise), Mala Linilion (Pale Tirqoise), Nori Ristillion (Blue), Lina Sinlinlon (Pale Blue), Tori Sommaron (Royal Blue), Vima Tokaron (Indigo), Puma Tosaron (Violet), Wina Simarion (Pale Violet), Zila Sissilion (Purple), Yova Tirillion (Lilac), Vaza Risiron (Magenta), Nina Sirion (Silver), Rainbow Butterflies.  

Sea Essences
 Relationship Transformational Frequencies
The Sea Essences are held in an aqueous solution and preserved with alcohol. The alcohol stabilises the energy in the water, helping it to be “contained” by the water. The sea energies in the form used by Aura-Soma are sub-rays of great renewal. 
The Sea Essences are specifically focused on transformation of the energy fields between people, and also in their relationships.
They can be very effective when put directly on chakra points or meridians of our skin, dropped in the bath or put in sprays, oils, creams and lotions. They can be broadcast dropping a few drops on crystals or utilised in as many ways as our creativity allows us to access. They are entirely helpful as they will not act as we use other Aura-Soma products unless they are for the greater good of the person using the essence. They are for external use only.
There are 3 Set of Sea Essences (3×14); a total of 42 essences.
This is first set of 14 Sea Essences and it represents the beginning of the connection process with the “Sea Devas”. The effects of these essences may help us with some of the most basic and common issues within human relationships. They are from sea creatures that have distinctive properties, which through usage, familiarity of properties become accessible.
For example, the “Barrel Sponge” is one of the larger varieties of sponge in the Earth’s oceans. Its name also leads us to understand its usage. A barrel “contains” so therefore, the essence of the barrel sponge can be protective of the fields that surrounds us. “Nautilus” is a unique creature of the sea, it’s spiral form gives us a close association with the ear, or kidneys of the body, therefore the essence relates to the hearing function and energy. Perhaps aiding the ability to listen with attention. 
Energetically these essences represent the starting point in the Sea Essences sequence, and are an excellent introduction to the Sea Essences. They may enhance relationships in clear ways helping us to grow in well-being and to be able to import the positive aspects within ourselves.
Australian Sea Horse (Bluish Tirqoise), Barrel Sponge (Tirqoise Blue/Indigo),Gossamer Parasol (Mid Tirqoise), Nautilus (Aquamarine), Sea Cucumber(White Pink), Sea Dandelion (Bluish Indigo), Sea Fan (Coral), Sea Pen (Mid Pink), Sea Tulip (Bluish Tirqoise), Spiny Lobster (Mid Olive Green),Common Tropical Octopus (Orangey Gold), Horseshoe Crab (Deep Bluish Pink), Harlequin Shrimp (Lemon Yellow), Cassiopea Andromeda (Mid Blue)

Sea Essences II is a progression from the first set of14 Sea Essences. The gift of these lovely essences from the Sea is ongoing and these essences bring many new and exciting aspects to the Sea Essences. They were developed and tested from 1998-2000. The first was started with the Vampire Squid and the final one to be developed was the Sea Apple.
They include two new essences of an entirely different sort; these are the Pilot Whale Essence of “Sei Miyo” and the Double Dolphin Essence of “Sina and Ruwa”. All the other Sea Essences are in an aqueous medium but these are Soul Attunement Essences to the BEING of an individual Dolphin and Whale. They bring a very new, important aspect to the family of the Sea and Butterfly Essences, which can be harmonising and integrating to the action of all the Sea and Butterfly Essences. 

Dolphin (Aquamarine), Pilot Whale (Deep Blue), Vampire Squid (Deep Olive Green), Common Sea Urchin(Warm Olive Green), Dawson Sunfish (Yellow Gold), Spiny Scallop (Purple), Giant Sea Spider (Reddish Orange), Sea Lily (Lilac), Crown of Thorns Starfish (Violet), Common Cuttlefish (Tirqoise), Giant Clam (Bright Lime Green), Blue Sea Squirt (Deep Blue), Flame Scallop(Orangey Red), Sea Apple (Pale Tirqoise)
Sea Essences III is a progression from the 1st two sets of Sea Essences and completes the Sea Essence sequence. They are a unique and beautiful gift from the sea and represent help for our deepest needs and our relationships.  
This set of essences contain some of the most interesting of all the Sea Essences being very Deep Sea Creatures, such as “Grenadier”, “Viperfish”, “Gulper Eel” etc – these have the potential to deal with the deepest problems that beset us. It also has two Sea Dragons Essences which have the potential to clear some of our most difficult problems and relationships. 
Leafy Sea Dragon (Deep Pinkish Violet), Weedy Sea Dragon (Orange), Paua Shell(Royal Blue), Snakelocks Anemone (Mid Pinkish Coral), Arafura File Snake (Deep Indigo), Viperfish (Warm Olive Green), Blackbelly Dragonfish (Pale Gold), Gulper Eel (Pale Royal Blue), Grenadier(Pale Olive-Greenish Gold), Stick Polyps (Warm Olive), Flatworm (Mid Pinkish Gold), Head Shield Nudibrach (Pale Lemon), Lister’s Conch (Pale Violet), Marbled Chiton (Pale Indigo) 
Read more for each essence @ Eric’sEssences

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