Light into Matter

May 22, 2014 @ Inhabitat

Scientists at Imperial College London have worked out a way to turn light into matter. This is achieved by colliding two photons—the particles of light—to create an electron and a positron. While theoretically this has been considered possible since 1934, when physicists Gregory Breit and John A. Wheeler identified the process, no was sure how to actually achieve it in a lab setting until now.

Lead researcher Oliver Pike explains: “Although the theory is conceptually simple, it has been very difficult to verify experimentally. We were able to develop the idea for the collider very quickly, but the experimental design we propose can be carried out with relative ease and with existing technology. Within a few hours of looking for applications of hohlraums outside their traditional role in research, we were astonished to find they provided the perfect conditions for creating a photon collider. The race to carry out and complete the experiment is on!”

Read more @ Inhabitat



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