Bangladesh’s LGBT Community Steps Out in Rainbow Colors for New Year’s

May 2, 2014 @ GlobalVoiceOnline


The rally contained seven parallel rows of activists clad in punjabi [a type of shirt] in each of the rainbow colors. They had balloons, flowers and birds made of paper. They released the helium balloons to the sky after completing the rally. This diversity rally created interest among the crowd.

Roopbaan, a magazine aimed at gay Bangladeshis, arranged the colorful march, which they maintained wasn’t a gay pride parade but a celebration of diversity and friendship. In Muslim-majority Bangladesh, homosexuality is considered to be unacceptable socially and religiously. Gay sex is illegal, according to the country’s penal code.

On April 14, the Bengali New Year, the traditional colorful procession “Mongol Shobhajatra” set off from Dhaka University’s Faculty of Fine Art building. Immediately following them were a group of people dress in rainbow colors representing the underground gay community. The people around them did not understand what was going on, but later realized from the media reports that the rally was for the same-sex community.


Read more @ GlobalVoiceOnline


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