The German Flag as an Allegory for Contemporary Chinese Society

February 14, 2014 @ Shanghaiist

german-flag-ccpThe three colored bands of the German national flag (black, red, and gold—just in case you forgot) have been receiving a whole lot of attention from netizens on Weibo recently. The recent crackdown on prostitution in China’s ‘sex capital’ Dongguan has triggered a national debate on the legalization of prostitution in China, as well as what role the sex trade plays exactly in society.

There are a couple of interpretations, depending on what netizens’ views of the CCP are. First off, in the WuMao corner, we have “DaHei, ChangHong, SaoHuang” which translates as the party’s most recent high-profile campaigns: “Strike Corruption, Sing Communist Red, and Clean Up Prostitution.” In Chinese, “black” often serves as a euphemism for corruption, while “yellow” can mean “prostitution”, “horny”, or anything related to getting your rocks off.

Another theory that has garnered a lot of netizen support is more critical, with the black band referring to the corrupt nature of the ruling elite, the red band referring to the “bleeding” middle class who are paying the price for a life without privilege, and the gold (or yellow) referring to the lowest classes who have, out of desperation, resorted to selling their bodies for cash.


Read the whole article @ Sanghaiist


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