Huichol people

January 8, 2014 @ MoC

Huichol people believe in four principal deities: the trinity of Corn, BLUE Deer and Peyote and the eagle, all descended from their Sun God, Tao Jreeku. Most Huichols retain the traditional beliefs and are resistant to change.
“According to a Huichol myth, the Sun created earthly beings with his saliva, which appeared in the shape of RED FOAM on the surface of the ocean’s waves.” “New things are born from “hearts” or essences, which the Huichol see in the red sea foam that flowed from Our Father the Sun. The Sun itself has a “heart” that is its forerunner. It adopts the shape of a bird, the tau kúkai. The bird came out of the underworld and placed a cross on the ocean. Father Sun was born, climbed up the cross, … in this way killing the world’s darkness with his blows.”



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