Color Style Counseling

December 10, 2013 @ MunsellColor

“The Munsell System of Color has been used by our company Personal Style Counselors since our founding nearly 50 years ago. We have always embraced this marvelous System as we believe that Munsell is based on how the human eye perceives color.

It shows up everywhere at PSC. Munsell Color is in all 3000 color fabrics we use. Our yardage has a basic hue notation designating the hue of that particular color whether the color is 2.5, 5, 7.5 or 10. It also shows up throughout our training manual. To be a personal color and style consultant at PSC you must first have a BA in Art then be willing to become an apprentice. During that extensive training period, you’ll use the PSC training manual which describes how colors and skin tones are correlated to the Munsell System. Additionally, in our cosmetics, particularly the custom blend foundation program, a liquid foundation is mixed under daylight to accurately duplicate a client’s skin tone. The numerous foundation bottles are labeled according to the Munsell System and may include a spectrum of bottles containing liquid versions 7.5 PB 5/4 to 5YR 7/3.”


Read more @ Munsell Color



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