Airline: Style at 30,000 feet ~ Keith Lovegrove

December 6, 2013 @ FastCompany

This fascinating book examines every aspect of airline style, from the company liveries and interior designs of planes to advertising, haute couture, and airborne haute cuisine.

Divided into four sections covering fashion, food, interior design, and identity, Airline shows how airborne culture has changed since the 1920s.


“The inspiration for the book stemmed from my interest in graphic design and design in general, and also from my days as a boy. My father worked for the airlines and dragged our family around the planet in the early ’60s, which was a really glamorous time to fly. Everyone used to dress up to get on an airplane. I wanted to find out where that glamorous time went. As I started to research it, I found all these wonderful pictures.”

Read more and see pics @ Fast Company


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