No Three Hundred Taels of Silver Buried Here

October 2, 2013 @ MoC

此地无银三百两 ~ “ci di wu yin san bai liang”: “No 300 taels of SILVER buried here”.

The story behind this Chinese proverb is that in a certain part of China, there was a rich businessman and smuggler who had a lot of money. Jealous of his wealth, he decided to bury his earthly treasure under ground. But after he buried it, he begin to worry that someone would dig the ground looking for treasure.

(In those days, many people hid their money underground, since there were few reliable banks for ordinary folk, and also because of war. Therefore, many treasure hunters dug up entire fields to look for easy money.)

So the businessman put up a sign on the land, reading “(This land does not have three hundred taels of silver!” Needless to say, he lost all the wealth he had hid under the ground.


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