House of Colour ~ Wendy Jacobs

August 28, 2013 @ MVTimes

A consultant with the U.K.-based House of Colour, Ms. Jacobs gives clients tools for choosing clothes, accessories, jewelry, and makeup that enhance their appearance, self-confidence, and possibly even level of success and ability to attract good things. In addition to color analysis, Ms. Jacobs offers separate style consultations.

“I never want people to see this as a vain enterprise,” she said. “It really isn’t. It’s for making yourself look and feel better. It’s about empowering and helping people.”

Color analysis stems from principles developed by Bauhaus artist Johannes Itten in the early 1900s. His findings about how colors interact provide the basis for the House of Colour’s “Season” system.

Ms. Jacobs works with the client to discover whether she or he is a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn color type. It is not about whether a color is pretty, but how one looks in it, Ms. Jacobs said.

The fun begins when the first person takes the “Hot Seat” in front of the mirror. Ms. Jacobs drapes the client in white, adding a succession of silky scarves in varied hues, Gradually, Ms. Jacobs and her subject discern subtle differences. A face looks brighter, fresher, younger with certain colors; drawn, tired, “washed out” with others. Some tones “bring out” features; others muddy them. Through elimination, Ms. Jacobs identifies the client’s season.

The analysis is based on underlying skin color that remains the same through the years, Ms. Jacobs explained.

Next, testing scarf after scarf, Ms. Jacobs pinpoints which colors in the client’s season palette are the most flattering, “Wow colors,” which are best worn close to the face; and which colors are underemphasized.


Read the whole article @ Martha’s Vineyard Times


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