Coca-Cola Life?

August 16, 2013 @ FastCompany

1673295-slide-logo-coca-cola-life-fondo-verde-1It’s a mix of sugar and stevia–or natural (if processed) sweeteners.

Coca-Cola Life is marketed as a new, healthier alternative to regular Coke. But sometimes a green label implies the exact opposite of what it should.

The red splash of Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable pieces of branding across the globe. It’s stamped on cans, bottles, and polar bears of every nation. But for the soft drink giant’s Argentinian spinoff, Coca-Cola Life, the new label is green.

In terms of color theory, there is no greater opposite to Coke’s classic red than green. The two are complementary colors that reside on opposite ends of the color wheel. So if Coca Cola Life is green, then what’s that say about its opposite, Coca Cola Classic? Is it…is it death?




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