July 3, 2013 @ MoC

red tikka
“In India you can tell an unmarried girl from a married woman by a colorful dot (tikka) on their forehead (*NOTE: on the level of the 3rd eye – the 6th chakra; the dot is most of the times RED but you may see it in other colors as well). The young girl is natural to look down, towards the sex center (1st chakra), but as soon as she marries, she should start looking upwards. Sex for her must change from sexuality to transcending sexuality. So married women, in order to remember to look up, they paint this colorful dot (tikka) upon the third eye. When the eyes look up, towards the third eye, a big fire is created in this center and it gives a burning sensation; the third eye is opening and you must keep it cool. That is why in India they use this sandalwood paste, which not only has a cooling effect but also a specific fragrance that relates to the sixth center and the transcendence of it. The cooling fragrance applied on this specific spot on the forehead creates an attraction to what’s above, reminding the third eye” ( OSHO )


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