On Sannyasins, Bhikkhus and Jainists

July 2, 2013 @ MoC

“The colors of the attire worn by Saddhus and Sannyasins have been selected based on the color seen by the 3rd body. The choice was different in every case, depending on the body they’re focusing on. For instance, Buddha chose Yellow, for yellow emphasized the 7th body. The aura of those who have attained the 7th body is Yellow. Thus, Buddha chose Yellow for his bhikkhus (monks). And because of this color in particular, Buddhist bhikkhus found it difficult to stay in India, for in India they identify Yellow with death. And it is indeed the color of death, because the 7th field is the field of the greatest death. And so yellow is deeply related with death in India. The Orange color gives a sense of liveliness. Thus, Sannyasins wearing Orange seemed to be more attractive than those wearing Yellow, for they looked more lively. This is the color of blood and the color of the 6th body. It is the color of the sun rising. Zainists selected White, the color of the 5th body, the spiritual body. Zainists insist that we should leave God alone, leave God out discussion, leave Nirvana out of discussion, for scientific discussions are possible only up to the 5th body. Mahavira was a man with scientific mind. Therefore he talked about various subjects but only to the point that they can be mathematically solved. Beyond that, he refused to talk. He didn’t want to talk about meanings he could be mistaken about and so he didn’t analyze mysticism. Mahavira said he’d never talk about it. If we progress in ourselves, we’ll understand him. He didn’t talk about the fields following the 5th. That’s why Mahavira chose White. It is the color of the 5th body” ( OSHO )



4406502736_35569ce5ac indiway_saddhu3 jain


saddhu 00-29-32-480



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