On Psychopathy and Color Vision

June 21, 2013 @ WilliamWallace “On Color Vision Disturbances”.

“Psychopathy can indeed provoke almost any color disturbance: one patient has been reported who had a specific inability to see Red, simply because his wife had deserted him some years previously, wearing a bright red coat, and ever since then he had managed to blot out this disturbing reminder of the traumatic incident.”

“In dyspeptic states the color vision is altered, and artists copying pictures while suffering from a bilious attack sometimes discover that, after recovery, what appeared to be a faithful copy is false and crude in coloring.”

“Everything was yellow, bathed in glorious sunlight”, a common description quoted by psychopaths. Known as XANTHOPSIA [ξανθοψία) (from the Greek “ksanthos” [ξανθός]: blonde + “opsi” [όψη]: sight) or Yellow Vision, this disturbance is caused by drug poisoning and is occassionally noted in diabetic retinopathy and in glaucoma. Indeed “seeing yellow” has been recorded since Roman times.


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