July 29, 2013 @ MoC


It is said that in the primordial past, the Suras and the Asuras were continually fighting each other. The Suras are beings that represent the forces of good and light in the world and within each individual, the Asuras the opposite. Both the Suras and the Asuras tried to dominate and destroy each other. Eventually Vishnu tried to resolve the conflict by suggesting that they stir up the primordial ocean (called the Ocean of Milk, representing the world and the mind) and equally divide the contents between them. This seemed to be a fair solution and Vishnu’s plan was adopted. The primordial ocean was stirred up and many things arose to the surface for sharing and distribution. Everyone was happy until a gruesome poison rose up to the surface. Neither the Suras nor the Asuras wanted it, but they couldn’t throw it away because it would cause harm. There seemed to be a dilemma. Eventually Vishnu approached Shiva who was in deep meditation and asked his advice. Shiva merely picked up the poison and drank it in one gulp. It caused him no harm. Because of this action, Shiva is widely known as NILAKANTHA – blue throated, were BLUE refers to POISON. This action is very symbolic and meaningful. It indicates that in higher states of awareness or meditation, at and above the level of Visshudhi Chakra (5h), even poison (i.e. negative aspects of existence) can be integrated as part of a whole. All aspects of existence are part of the scheme, and when a person functions at this level then all concepts of good and bad fall away. They are seen in a higher light, from a wider viewpoint.


July 29, 2013 @ MoC
Incidentally, there is also a bird in India called the Nilakantha because of its blue throat (in English it is called Blue Jay). Also the Peacock is often associated with the ability to absorb poison and transform it into nectar. The peacock can eat almost anything without harming itself. This also applies to the yogi whose level of being is at the Vishuddhi chakra; all experiences, good or bad, are source of bliss. Everything becomes nectar – blissful.


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