Flat Design and Color Trends

May 27, 2013 @ DesignMondo

Flat design is a technique that uses simple effects – or lack thereof – to create a design scheme that does not include three-dimensional attributes. Effects such as drop shadows, bevels, embossing and gradients are not used in flat design projects.

Some call the look of flat design simple, although it can be quite complex. The look itself is simple, direct and user-friendly, making it an increasingly popular option for mobile user interfaces as well as trendy web design.





When it comes to color, flat design works with a variety of colors, but most commonly designers are choosing to go bold and bright.

The other thing that makes flat design different in terms of color? Designers are expanding palettes from just a shade or two to three, four or more colors. Most of these choices are bright, fully saturated hues that are sometimes countered with grays or blacks.

When it comes to color and flat design, many of the traditional rules about color pairing and matching are thrown out of the window in favor of palettes that span the rainbow with lots of pop.


Read the whole article @ Design Mondo


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