Leatrice Eiseman on her work

April 9, 2013 @ BusinessInsider

“It’s hard to explain to anyone how you really arrive at the specific color,” Eiseman explains. “But it’s picking up nuggets of information wherever you travel — and I travel all over the world. If I see that a color is coming into prominence (for instance, if I’m in Asia and I see the same color in Italy and Germany), then I would say that color is on the rise and starts to have a collective impulse.”

She and her team also do research on trends in related industries, like high-end jewelry and show business. […]And after Eiseman and her team decided green was trending worldwide (for 2013), they had to decide the specific shade: “You can’t use the same shade that’s been out there in the marketplace for three years season after season, because it won’t work,” she said. “What can you choose that still captures the zeitgeist of the public and yet still offers something new? That’s what we ask ourselves.”

Read the whole article @ Business Insider

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