Egdam and Fuser

January 26, 2013 MoC

I was somewhere in the National Park of Bardia (Nepal) hiking into the jungle. My guide was an expert 30-year old jungle man, having spent almost his entire life in the Bardia jungle. He was from the Tharu tribe. So among other interesting things, I learned this from him:

EGDAM BHAIJANGER (Dark Blue) and FUSER BHAIJANGER (Light Blue) are the terms used in the Tharu language.

Egdam means ‘too much” so it applies to “dark” (colors), and fuser means “less” so it applies on “pale/light” colors. Useful entries for our Color Corpus!

Just to teach you some Tharu (a Nepali dialect, unrecorded up to now btw) color terms I learned in the Bardia jungle!


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