an article about Leatrice Eisman

7 November 208 by Michelle Delio @ MacLife

Don’t tell Leatrice Eiseman that yellow agitates adults and makes babies cry.

“After hearing that story once too often, I tracked its source and discovered it was based on false research,” she says. “Yellow evokes sunshine, warmth, and happiness—not arguments or crying.”

What people really think about color is important to Eiseman—please call her “Lee”—head of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training and executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Her job is to choose the hues that will be wildly fashionable next season or next year, as well as the colors that will compel consumers to buy her clients’ products.

Eiseman doesn’t spend her working days locked up in a room crunching data or aiming darts at a brilliantly hued board to see where they land. Rather, she identifies color trends by synthesizing history, current events, psychology, marketing principles, fine art, pop art, and street fashion, along with all the information culled from her own color surveys […]


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