Liquid Palette

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What is the nature of a colour and what is the connection to its physical state. Based on the ongoing research of deriving pigments from vegetables, the aim was to showcase the liquid condition of the colour before it is fixated to the medium of paper or textile. Compared to its solid condition, transparencies and volumes play suddenly an important role.
Presented in a cabinet the 130 preserved containers expose pure and mixed shades of different vegetables and different mixing ratios. This project was developed for the exhibition Dutch Domestics at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.

Initiated by the European Central Bank, each year the cultural days are taking place in Frankfurt, spotlighting a countries cultural diversity. Curator Arne Hendriks asked us to be part of Dutch Domestics, an exhibition showcasing a research driven movement among young dutch designers. We were thrilled to be part of that group.

MORE @ Raw Color


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