Philippines MassKara Festival

October 26, 2010 by Brandon Hoover @ CNNGo


The MassKara Festival is in its 31st year of continued celebration. An idea born from a period of tragedy and crisis, it was seen as a way to unify the people of Bacolod in the face of adversity.

MassKara is combination of two words: mass, meaning many, or multitude, and kara, a Spanish word for face. So MassKara means a mass or multitude of smiling faces.

A quick 50-minute flight from Manila, the island of Negros in the Western Visayas Region is home to Bacolod City. It is known as the City of Smiles, a fact clearly defined by the MassKara Festival’s joyous participants.

The three-week festival culminates on the third week of October in a weekend of parades, dance, celebration, and feasts jaunting down the packed streets of Bacolod.

Hundreds of performers create a cascade of colorful masks, glimmering costumes, and rhythmic dance […]



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