Color Movement – Kate Spanos

March 8, 2012 by Maureen Seaberg @ Tasting the Universe
Found @ Psychology Today

In addition to this very rare form of motion to color synesthesia, Ms. Spanos also has colored letters, numbers, days of the week and spatial sequence synesthesia with a calendar shaped in space where each month has a different color.

“In my synesthesia, I don’t see colors ‘projected’ in front of me, but the colors just exist in my mind’s eye. Also, my synesthesia is relatively mild and does not interfere at all with my life; it only slightly enhances it. It seems to help mostly with memorization and time organization. In dance, it helps me perform a dance the way it is supposed to be performed—for example, thinking of pretty pastel colors helps me make a slip jig light and graceful, while earthy tones in the hornpipe help me stay grounded in the dance” […]



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