Aura-Soma B109 Archangel Zachariel

February 24, 2012 @ AS I ACT & MoC

After B108, Mid-tone Turquoise/Mid-tone Olive (Archangel Jeremiel) on December 2009, the Aura-Soma Color Care System presents us with a new brilliant Equilibrium bottle!

B109 – Magenta/Mid-Tone Olive
Born noon (12 pm) Tuesday 26th July 2011

Zachariel brings a new sense of hope and optimism and stimulates creativity. Where there has been a lack of confidence, a new confidence now ensues.
The balancing of polarities so that a sense of unification may come about.
Restores a sense of dignity where dignity has been lost.
He provides a deep level of protection and harmony and presents us with a new vision, a vista for the times that are to come.
This Archangel supports symmetry and harmony both in geometry and in our own thoughts and development. He may assist in bringing the emotions of harmony and balance back and to clarify the thoughts where there has been confusion. Thus he brings the possibility to balance the functions of the brain that have been out of balance – a sense of re-ordering.
Providing expansion, creativity and re-unification, to stimulate the helio-centric point of view. This brings the possibility to honor the present moment as an access to the eternal. To enter the ‘here and now’ with a sense of optimism based in intuition – inner tuition.



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