Stores – Part 1

February 19, 2012 @ EdibleColor

Below are some stores which use color in their product and in their retail experience. They show how color can be harnessed to improve a product or even create its very identity, whether as edible color or in the surroundings of the product. These stores use color in ways that are enticing, satisfying, and memorable.

Snog, Soho, London.
A sugar-free (using Agave as a sweetener) zero-fat frozen yoghurt range. What is most impressive about Snog is the store design, which uses color and lighting as its signature design feature – colorful store, colorful food.
Candy Cakes, Covent Garden, London.
Coffee, cakes and shakes. This store focuses on cupcakes, with very intense coloring. It has a very kitsch and novelty style, though it uses no artificial coloring.

Cox, Cookies & Cake, Soho, London.
A singular bakery in London’s Soho, created by shoe designer Patrick Cox and the patissier Eric Lanlard. This has a much more “adult” approach to confectionery, using metallic powders in the decoration, and darker but vivid colors. The store design extends this theme brilliantly, and has more than a touch of red-light style, very appropriate to the sometimes sleazy neighborhood.
Mrs Kibble’s Olde Sweet shoppe, Soho, London.
Very much a nostalgia-inspired sweet shop, stocking classics from childhood, sold by weight from jars. The store design is also very consistent with this retro feel.

Yauatcha, Soho, London.
A dim sum teahouse, with one Michelin star, designed by Christian Liaigre. While the food overall shows a great use of color, it is the macaroons and chocolates which steal the show, with color and flavor brilliantly combined. While the macaroons used to be in a much broader range of flavors and colors, the remaining range is still delicious, sold in beautiful packaging in a brilliantly designed interior.
Golden Gate Cake Shop, Chinatown, London.
A small traditional family-run Chinese bakery. This store uses color in a different manner from western stores, as sprays of color – interesting to see. Most of the color is in the window display, but the breads and rolls inside are very good value.

Scoop Ice Cream, Soho, London.
A natural ice cream store, using only natural colorings, positioned as a luxury product. The advantage with ice creams is that the cold temperature as a preservative of the product and the color.
Dylan’s Candy Bar, New York.
A very large department store for candy, Producing many of their own products, they also stock a vast range of other brands of confectionery. The retail environment is superb, with candy encapsulated in the resin stairs, display mannequins of garments made from candy. An essential visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.


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