Basic Hueman Vocabulary

by Varvara Hatzisava@ Ministry of Color on 2010


Image by AS I ACT

Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma Color Care System, said that we are hueman (hue: color and man), because we are made of colorful light. What a world of difference a single letter makes! We have “human” and “hueman”. And while “human” is always a “hueman” they don’t seem to realize their light and color aspect. So, we consider “hueman” a more evolved species than “human”.

The word hueman is very significant if you wish to understand something about the fundamental human nature, which is explored by all the great wisdom traditions of the world, which traditions eventually reach the same conclusion, each with their own terminology, that human is a light being, a living rainbow – not in a romantic sense, but literally.

So this term “hueman” was the inspiration for the vocabulary of “huemanism” as well as all the work and research I personally conduct in the Ministry of Color that goes under the same name.

So here is the Basic Vocabulary of Huemanism. .

hueman (n): a human being that has realized that a). he/she is a living Rainbow, hence made up of hues, i.e. Color and Light, b) that matter is light vibrating on different frequencies || one who speaks the Language of Color.

hueman nature:
the nature of hueman beings.

huemane (adj): full of compassion and huemanity; huemanistic.

huemanism (n): 1. an evolved stage of humanism, term invented by Varvara Hatzisavva on 2008 || theory of Varvara Hatzisavva which object is the hueman beings and their evolution || art movement created by Varvara Hatzisavva on 2008.

2. behavior appropriate to a hueman which is characterized by respect and love.

huemanist (n): one who studies huemanities; one who acts based on huemanism || a scholar of huemanism || one who is knowledgeable in huemanism and believes in its cultural value

huemanistic (n): 1a.
that refers to the huemanism movement. 1b. that has the power to civilize, to refine; huemanitarian. 2. one who is interested and willing to help and support one’s fellow hueman || color-anthropological; huemane

huemanitarian (n): 1.
one who practically shows love and compassion to one’s fellow hueman, philohueman || one who supports (esp. financially) other hueman beings || one who is characterized by love for the hueman.

huemanitarianism (n): huemanism || love for the huemanism.

*huemanities (n): classic hueman studies || Disciplines that study the hueman condition. Examples of the disciplines of the huemanities are the language of color, the literature of color, the law of color, the history of color, the philosophy of color, the religious aspects of color, and visual and performing arts (including music and theatre). Additional subjects included in the huemanities are the technology of color, color-anthropology, communication of color, cultural studies regarding color, and color-linguistics. Scholars working in the huemanities are sometimes described as “huemanists”.

Bhuemanity (n): hueman nature || hueman population

huemanize (v): to make hueman || to become hueman

huemankind (n): the hueman species

huemanly (adv)

huemaness (n): the quality of being a hueman

huemanoid (n): 1. one who resembles a hueman || characterization of hueman with inappropriate behavior


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